Small Business Owners: Are You Just a One-Man Band?


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Great infographic and post by Direct Marketing News that caught my attention today in my Paradise Social Daily. The data comes from Constant Contact Inc. and is eye opening.

One-Man Band

There’s one paragraph in the post that jumps out almost more boldly than the infographic itself:

“If small businesses really want to hear the cash register sing, then they need to invest in social. When it comes to internal talent, many small business owners are willing to pull a few strings to make it happen. In fact, 38% of small business owners expect to increase the amount of time employees dedicate to social this year, compared to 16% who intend to decrease this investment; 38% of respondents plan to dedicate the same amount of hours to the channel. Small business owners also recognize that additional investment in social is instrumental to their success. According to Clutch, 30% of respondents intend to increase their spending on social media ads versus 21% who plan on decreasing their dedicated dollars.”

Clearly, the small business owners surveyed are starting to get it. While there is no substitute for word-of-mouth marketing, pressing the flesh, face-to-face conversations, client lunches and handing out business cards, many smallbiz owners are now realizing that social media amplifies this word-of-mouth marketing and are dedicating more resources – human and monetary – toward orchestrating that amplification effort. Or, at least, they’re planning to. Many others still are not.

At Paradise Social we believe that you as a small business owner should be focusing on your core business. If it’s not your core business, then maybe it’s time to delegate social marketing and SEO to someone whose core business it is. Focus on what you YOU do BEST. Delegate the rest.

One-Man Band



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