What Social Marketers Can Learn from This Direct Marketing Masterpiece


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Graubünden Tourism puts an electronic poster at Zürich’s main railway station to link one of the most hectic places in Switzerland with one of its most peaceful places, in real-time. What happens next will amaze you! It almost brought tears to our eyes. And we as social marketers can learn a lot from it. Check it out below.

So what can we digital marketers learn from this direct marketing masterpiece?

1. Be real. The gentleman in this video is a real human being and comes across like someone’s dad, uncle or grandparent. He’s like one of the family. He’s someone almost any person can relate to as a real, live human being. Digital marketers need to remember that behind all of the analytics and statistics are real people.

2. Be funny. Humor is one of the most powerful marketing tools we have in our kit. Don’t be afraid to be funny and make people laugh. They’ll warm up to your brand like furry kittens and share your posts with all of their friends.

3. Be trustworthy. The gentleman in the video gains people’s’ trust by doing what he says he’ll do. He puts up and doesn’t shut up by dispensing free tickets to the folks he’s engaged with. Social marketers should do the same on their social channels: “Do as you say, say as you do and be able to prove it.”

4. Be responsive. If you’re going to build a community on Facebook or G+ that people want to be a part of, or build brand loyalty by amplifying word of mouth referrals, you better be paying attention to your audience. Make them feel special by responding to them in a timely and personal manner. Build your reputation by paying attention to people. In return, they will pay attention to you.

How did this video make you feel? Heck, we want to go to Switzerland now!


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