#Infographic! 25 Years of SEO: 1990-2015


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Wow! Here’s a great trip down Memory Lane for geeks like me. Seems like yesterday I was using Gopher and “Pamela Anderson” was the meta-keyword of choice of just about every slime-ball website out there trying to drive traffic by faking out search engines. Hard to believe it’s been 25 years. And it’s mind-blowing to think about how much has changed with Google Search since Panda and Penguin. Panda’s release was less than 4 years ago.

So what will the future hold? Douglass Karr in his Marketing Tech Blog says, “Now the strategy for search is to ensure your site’s infrastructure follows best practices, your site is as fast as possible, your content is relevant, you update your site frequently, and your content is shared throughout the web. That means that promotion is becoming a key strategy to ensure ranking for great content.”

Is your small biz website following best practices? Are you willing to budget what it takes and/or spend the time and effort it takes on SEO to get your brand in front of the most eyes possible?

(Click on the image below to see the full infographic) 

25 Years of SEO: 1990-2015

(Infographic courtesy of KeywordEye.com)


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