About Paradise Social

Affordable Social Media Marketing and Publicity for Small Businesses in Paradise

Let’s face it: Given the state of the global economy, it’s tough out there right now for small businesses to survive – let alone thrive. In order to survive one must differentiate oneself from the rest of the pack using any and all marketing resources available. And in communities where the cornerstone of the local economy is based on tourism – national AND international alike – the importance of exploiting every marketing, publicity and SEO tool at hand to its utmost advantage in order to be successful is amplified.

Not long ago, social media seemed so new and different that it was treated as an appendage of sorts—a kind of marketing that should be tried only by “experts.” While that view still exists to some degree today, it’s become clear to many that social media is no longer marketing’s new thing. It’s now simply part of the way we do marketing today.

Traditional marketing tactics such as advertising, referrals, and public relations are still very important, but social media tactics have now become a part of everyday marketing’s fabric and need to be considered at the strategic level of your marketing decision-making process.

When used properly, social media can be a great tool to help your business reach untapped, potential customers and stay connected to current ones. So, rather than asking yourself if you should or should not use Facebook or Twitter, the question is: “How can Facebook and Twitter help you achieve your marketing objectives?” Organizations that take advantage of social media can dominate, particularly within industries slow to adapt.

It is true that creating content and connection on social media sites is paramount. But, there is one element that pulls this strategy together and that’s your primary Web hub. You can’t depend on the contacts you make in most social media activity to serve as the primary trust-building connection that ultimately leads to a sale.

Your primary website or blog is the tool that ties all of your social media activity together. Your activity on social media sites or spokes functions primarily as a way to lead prospects back to the much more fully developed content that resides on your website.

As a small business owner, you simply can’t take care of everything. And you simply can’t be an expert in everything. You hire employees to specialize in or take care of certain areas of your business, and you contract outside help (a.k.a. outsource) other jobs as well. There’s tremendous value in hiring a social media and SEO consultant to help you and your business.

Which is why I have developed a Social Media Marketing & Publicity package for small business owners here in Paradise. And all of this is offered at a price tag that’s easy on your bottom line and can be spread out over time. Add SEO, website design, web hosting and website maintenance to the formula and you have a tightly integrated package that will propel your business to the top!

Whether you are a boutique or a boutique hotel, bar/restaurant, souvenir shop, beauty salon, massage therapist, tour operator, sport fishing operator, real estate broker, coffee shop, bakery, mini-super or mechanic your small business can reap significant benefits with a targeted social media marketing strategy – and Paradise Social™ can do it for you at an affordable price!

Contact me for more information or to set up a meeting or telephone call!

Mike Poynton

(Thanks to John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine for a lot of material and inspiration. You’re the best!)

3 thoughts on “About Paradise Social”

  1. Very well put. Too bad more businesses haven’t figured this out. I look forward to following your blog.

  2. Mike Poynton said:

    Thanks! Just subscribed to yours too. I’ve been neglecting my blog as of late tied up with clients – a good thing. Slowly but surely, folks in Paradise are beginning to understand “the power of social.” Pura vida!

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