Mike Poynton PR/Social Media

My wife dislikes this pic.

Mike Poynton founded Paradise Social™ to help small business owners, primarily located in Costa Rica (a.k.a. Paradise), implement and manage social media marketing and publicity for their businesses at an affordable price. Prior to founding Paradise Social™, he occupied the position of General Manger, with a hand in Business Development, for DIME PR and 3rd Planet PR.

After relocating to Costa Rica, Mike entered into international real estate, vacation property management and even owned his own bar/restaurant. His experience has made him both knowledgeable of and sensitive to the realities of owning a small business in Paradise and its dependency on the indispensable capital generated by national and international tourism.

Mike also spent 14 years in a former life as a licensed architect working on laboratory, aviation, museum, and K-12 education projects at Skidmore Owings & Merrill and Perkins+Will in Chicago. In the late 90’s he shifted his focus wholly on the use of the internet in the design and construction industry, designing corporate websites and implementing hardware and software solutions for A/E firms, and for billion dollar municipal capital construction programs with resounding success.

Mike has a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Notre Dame. He works and lives in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, with his lovely wife, Carla, his 5-year old daughter, Laila, and his 10-month-old son, Bruno. He speaks both English and Spanish. See Mike’s CV/Résumé.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. John Onyango said:

    The picture is cool Mike. She fell in love with the person in the picture…:). The idea seems really cool. I am an architect as well, did MArch at Notre Dame, then went around the world just to come back to USA where I joined the faculty at the University of Miami in August 2011. My wife (who is from Costa Rica) and I have a property in Guanacaste that we plan to develop in the future.

    We shall definitely keep in touch.


  2. Mike, your work with Paradise Social looks fabulous! It’s so nice to see you doing so well after our DIMEpr days together. Hope Tim and Mark are doing well too! I am now working for Kansas Mobile Solutions, the newest most cost-effective smart phone mobile app solution product on the market today for the small business owner! We’ve just started out but with a bang! Our gorgeous graphics and super functional features offer an incredibly affordable mobile app for ALL small business! Check us out a http://www.kansasmobilesolutions.com, I can serve any business in the world! I look forward to talking with you very soon and seeing you when we visit in December! Deb

    • Mike Poynton said:

      Hi, Debra! Great to hear from you! I will certainly check out your website and product and follow up with you. Look forward to seeing you in December! ¡Pura vida!

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